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Like Ducks!

Borealis Records

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What they're saying…

"Christina and Jean, two 'undiscovered' gems,
form one of the most accomplished and most inventive musical
partnerships to emerge from Canada's traditional folk scene."
Grit Laskin, President, Borealis Recording Company

"There's no better pair of musicians to have around
if you want a lively set of tunes and traditional songs."
Steve Winick, Dirty Linen magazine
(for Like Ducks!)

"Like Ducks!… WOW!!"
William Crawford, Highlander Music, Scotland

"Getting lots of airplay south of the border,
this CD is going to take these two women places they never dreamed of before.
Their musicianship is excellent, the singing is clear and beautiful,
the songs are punctuated by tunes, never leaving a dull moment."
Steve Fruitman, Great North Wind, CIUT-FM, Toronto

"I know it's still early in the year, but I feel pretty confident
in saying that Like Ducks! is the finest album of 1998,
and one of the best recordings I have ever had the pleasure of listening to."
Mark Vaughan-Jackson, The Evening Telegram, St. John's

"WOW! BRAVO! Great voices! Great instrumentals!"
Gerry Taylor, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal

other recordings you can hear them on

Sue Lothrop & Bill Garrett Red Shoes (Borealis, 2003, Christina)
Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers 100% Pure (Christina)
Irish Descendants Look to the Sea (Christina)
Shirley Montague Our Labrador (Christina)
Jim Payne Empty Nets (Christina)
Jim Payne State of the Nation (Christina)
Emile Benoît Vive la Rose (Christina)
Pigeon Inlet Another Time (compilation, Christina)
Pigeon Inlet All the Best (compilation, Jean)
Pigeon Inlet Close to the Floor (compilation, Jean)

their record label
Borealis Recording Company
225 Sterling Road, Unit 19
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2B2 (Canada)
1-877-530-4288 toll-free



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