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It’s been a pretty hectic fall! Two fabulous concerts in honour of our 25th anniversary of playing together, then a guest appearance with Lady Cove Choir, and then the STEP Fiddlers’ album launch! Whew! No wonder Jean’s gallbladder has gone on strike.

Friday Nov. 12 we played a benefit concert with guitarist /children’s entertainer Eric West, in support of Vinland Music Camp, a week-long, annual music camp held at Kildevil Resort in beautiful Gros Morne Park that offers instruction in Newfoundland music, dance, and storytelling.
On the 13th, CBC recorded our concert for broadcast. Daniel Payne and Rick West joined us on stage, and Mrs. Belle Fennelly and Frank Maher joined us too. What a tremendous night. The concert sold out – we felt very badly that we had to turn away several people! It was a privilege to play for such a warm, responsive audience.

Thanks to all our guests, to the audience, to Glen Tilley and Terry Winsor (CBC), to the staff at Petro Canada Hall, to Erin MacArthur for the poster, to our friends and families who helped us and supported us. Special thanks to Memorial University School of Music for co-sponsoring the shows.

The Lady Cove concert was also a great success – another sold-out hall, another wonderful audience. The choir sang a couple of Christina and Jean’s arrangements Futist Gerry Strong, harpist Gayle Tapper, percussionist Rob Power, and mulit-instrumentalist Daniel Payne lent their talents to the evening.


Partridgeberry Jam! New batch, starting January 2011!
Newfoundland Fiddle and Guitar Course with Christina Smith and Jean Hewson

Where is it? Mmap - the Research Centre for Music, Media and Place, in the Arts and Culture Centre, 2nd floor (the old art gallery space.)

When is it? Ten Thursday evenings in the winter of 2011. We’ll take it one week at a time – weather and Jean’s gallbladder permitting – and carry on until we’ve used up ten sessions.

How much is it? $180.00. This includes registration fee and materials, ten 45 minute group classes, and ten half-hour jam sessions.

Partridgeberry Jam is a series of ten 45 minute classes for fiddle and guitar, plus a half-hour jam session. Fiddlers will learn a new tune, guitarists will learn the chords and strums, and then we'll play our repertoire together!

Fiddlers - Learn new tunes, develop your repertoire, improve your playing!

Guitarists - Learn new chords, learn different voicings, and learn to accompany Newfoundland tunes!

Who can join? Anyone who has a basic ability on the instrument and is age 13 or older. Musicians younger than 13 are welcome with prior approval and with a parent present. Fiddlers should be able to play in the keys of D, A and G and be able to play some tunes. Guitarists should know the chords of C, D, G, A and F major and A, D, E and B minor, and be able to change chords fluently.

For more info, email: Christina Smith or Jean Hewson


Jean and Christina honoured with the
Ernie King Tradition Bearer Award!

On Friday, August 6th, the Celtic Roots Festival of Goderich Ontario presented Jean and Christina with the Ernie King Tradition Bearer Award. This award is given annually to an artist or artists who have contributed to the preservation of their culture and are actively working to pass it on to following generations. Past award winners include flutist Peter Horan (Ireland), folklorist/collector Peter Kennedy (England), accordionist Frank Maher (Newfoundland), and dancer Maureen Mulvey (Ontario).

At the opening ceremony of the festival, Jean and Christina were escorted to the stage by the Celtic Blue Highlanders pipe band,along with Artistic Directors Warren and Eleanor Robinson, Young Tradition Award winner Steve Byrne (of the Scottish group Malinky), Artist Liason Officer Katy Johnstone and Ernie King himself. Warren Robinson spoke eloquently about the duo’s commitment to the continuance of Newfoundland culture, and then Jean and Christina were each presented with a plaque and a cheque. Jean and Christina then spoke briefly to the effect that they felt humbled, gratified, and appreciated. Jean, who had never been piped in anywhere before, commented that she felt a bit like a haggis.

The award states “ To Christina Smith and Jean Hewson, for their dedication in the preservation of the music of their native Newfoundland. They have provided an essential link between Newfoundland’s past and its future through their inspired teaching and performing.“

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