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Buy, discover: Want to purchase Like Ducks! ? Do you like blues, folk and traditional? Check out the Borealis Recording Company for the best in Canadian folk music.

Wallpaper: Got a hankering for daily ducks? Download, for free, at absolutely no charge, gratuitement, some official Christina and Jean (notice Christina listed first here) wallpaper for your computer desktop. Quack up every time you boot up…

Ducklore Important and highly useful information that will come in handy for the rest of your life, especially if you should decide to move to Newfoundland and you want to fit in more quickly.

Our occasionally updated scrapbook: Currently offering these exciting possibilities for those who just can't get enough of us.

• Jean heads Down Under (May 2001)
• The wedding of the century! (Sept 30, 2000)
• Ducktour 2000
• Ducktour 2003
• August Gale Launch
• Assorted fun

Other collaborations: Christina and Jean played in a band with Frank Maher and Rick West, known collectively as the Mahers Bahers. The two can also be heard on tour with Aoife Clancy and Anne Hills in the group Faire Winds.

Suzuki method: Christina and Jean teach Suzuki violin, cello, and piano. For more information on the Suzuki program in St. John's, Newfoundland go to

Musical injuries: If you're a musician, you've probably suffered from tendonitis or repetitive stress syndrome at some point in your career. Jean and Christina find that the Alexander Technique has helped them prevent injuries associated with long hours of playing an instrument. For more information, check out The Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique at

Body therapy: For the last ten years, Jean has been involved in a unique type of body therapy called Bioenergetics. The Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis offers individual and group sessions throughout Atlantic Canada.

Homesickness: Are you a Newfoundlander living abroad who craves contact with others of your kind? Do you get depressed when you say to people "Howareyagittin'on" and receive only blank stares in return? To access a world of Newfoundlanders through the 'net, go to

Folk music on the Rock: All you need to know about folk music in St. John's, Newfoundland. Folk Arts Society.

Christina and Jean both teach at The Vinland Music Camp; an annual camp that focuses on Newfoundland Traditional Music.

Christina's husband Chris is an award winning radio documentary producer. Check out his work at

Jean and Christina both play instruments made by internationally renowned luthier, William "Grit" Laskin (Jean has a Laskin guitar, and Christina has an octave mandolin). Check out Grit's incredible handiwork at



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