Fiddle Me This

On the album

1. The Banks of Newfoundland (3:32)
2. Crocker's Cove Reel / Du Pain, du Beurre et du Caplin (2:12)
3. Black Duck Brook French Centre Waltz / Cancer Waltz (3:38)
4. Eddie's Tune / Mother Wouldn't Beat'n (2:31)
5. On the Road to New Orleans / On the Way to Norway / Noel's Dinn (4:15)
6. The Bluebird / Annie Annie (2:34)
7. Cabot's Voyage / Jeannie's on the Rum (2:40)
8. Wanda's Tune / Coomb's Cove / Green Grow the Rushes-O (2:26
9. Parsons Pond Jig / Daniel's Harbour Breakdown (2:24)
10. Debbie's Waltz / Wedding Waltz (3:54)
11. Hound's Tune / McBen (2:20)
12. I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree (2:43)
13. Sunstroke / The Silver Screen (3:23)
14. Eddie's Close-In Tune / Green Grow the Rushes-O (2:24) | Total time 52:42

Christina Smith fiddle, cello
Jean Hewson guitar, spoons
Wade Pinhorn bass
Fergus O'Byrne bodhran
Anita Best vocals
Wanda Crocker mandolin
Jim Payne accordion

Details All arrangements by Jean Hewson and Christina Smith. Produced by Jean Hewson and Christina Smith. Recorded at Piperstock Studios, Torbay, Newfoundland. Engineered by Lee Tizzard. Mixed by Lee Tizzard, Jean Hewson and Christina Smith. Photography by Rosanna White. Graphics by Jonathan White and Paul Carter.

Produced with the assistance of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.

Thanks to Rita Benoît, Jim Payne, Don Wherry, Anita Best, Neil Rosenberg, Dermot and Anne O'Reilly, Christopher Brookes, Bill Marshall, George Smith and Elizabeth Lawrence, Ollie and Bill Smith, Lee (the Wizzard) Tizzard, Rosanna White, Jonathan White, Wade Pinhorn, Fergus O'Byrne, Dave Panting and Wanda Crocker. Special thanks to the incomparable Jean Hewson whose contribution in time, energy and creativity for this projet is without measure.


All content 2004 Jean Hewson and Christina Smith