Jean Hewson | Early Spring

On the album

1. The Bonny Banks of Virgie-o (3:08)
2. Early Spring (4:27)
3. The Straits of Belle Isle/Mate's Reel (3:16)
4. The Green Shores of Fogo (4:28)
5. Pat Murphy's Meadow (3:58)
6. The Jolly Butcher (3:55)
7. Where Once Stood a House (3:03)
8. Wexford City (4:10)
9. Oh no not I (3:27)
10. Sweet Forget Me Not (4:13)
11. The Gallant Ship (3:02)

Jean Hewson — lead vocals, additional vocals, guitar
Wanda Crocker — mandolin
Christina Smith — fiddle, cello
Gerry Strong — tinwhistle
Wade Pinhorn — bass
Sandy Morris — guitar
Kelly Russell — bouzouki, mandolin
Rick Hollett — piano, saxophone, flute
George Morgan — hammer dulcimer
Paddy Mackey — bodhran
Noel Dinn — bodhran
Kathy Phippard, Esther Squires and Vonnie Barron — back up vocals

Technical Credits
Recorded and mixed at Dadyeen Studios, St. John's, Newfoundland

Producer: Don Walsh
Engineer: Don Walsh
Mixed by: Don Walsh and Shane Kelly

Jean Hewson and Don Walsh with the exception of "Early Spring" arranged by Eric West. Special thanks also to Wanda Crocker, Christina Smith and Gerry Strong for their input in the initial stages of arranging.

Artwork, Design: Ronan Kennedy
Photography: Jeannette Laaning


A Pigeon Inlet Production PIPCD-7328